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Language school instructor

In the language school, part-time instructors have been recruited occasionally. Russian and French, if people with the qualification of German, there is a chance of being employment. Especially college students and graduate students because it is preferential treatment, those who want to loading a part-time job experience in preparation for one and job hunting you want to get the revenue, let's once inquiry into recruitment guidance of the language school. During the time of day, it is okay and if the night of the lecturer in busy student. It if also auxiliary role of instructor, because it is all right also the more inexperienced, let's feel free to apply.

The part-time job while studying

It being called an indispensable method for learning language is, it is a way to study in language school abroad. But, in the language study has one big problem. That is the cost of the problem. The study of the language school, living expenses from tuition, rent, transportation costs, etc., you will need a variety of cost. Suitable for people who are having trouble in such costs, it is a way to use the working holiday system. By using this system, also enables part-time in foreign countries, while earning the cost of study, it's a system that is adapted to able to attend to their studies. In addition, through a part-time job experience abroad, it is the field of view can also be spread.


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