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Canada is the official language is English and French. However, French-speaking is only a relatively small place with a focus on capital Ottawa, and English is used in most regions. So, you can wear the authentic English with confidence at a language school in Canada. Speaking of typical large cities include east of Toronto and the west side of Vancouver. You encounter in various race and culture, if there is a purpose that want to expand the insight it is recommended language schools in far above the city.

Courses of short-term to Canada

The go up to the candidate when you thought it was trying to study abroad to language school the United States, Canada, I think in many cases Australia. If six months within the study, is recommended Canada. If the Japanese people, I is not required to study if the visa within six months. The metropolis said that Vancouver and Toronto are also many language school, you can choose the school of their choice to school spirit and curriculum. Originally many British immigrants because it was a British colony, English also has said the United States and that it is in English in the United Kingdom of intermediate accent it is easy to hear without a lot.


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