Words in the language school

Language skills


Ban at a language school

In the language school, you may want to the rule that you can not use only the language that you are taught in the school. To learn the words, it is getting used to the word first is first. By continuing to listen to the words in the ear every time, it is intended to continue to gradually understand. Of course, greetings and e-mail in the language school, it should be done in the language you are teaching. Since e-mail must be a word in the text, the higher a little difficulty than talk, but it is necessary in order to wear the skills that convey to the other party. However, it does not mean that we must make perfect. Since good, even wrong, let's write that you want to say.

We'll keep the greeting by e-mail

By e-mail if you focus on some from language schools number Let's greetings. At that time and that you are wondering in, it might be good to write that you are either undecided to which school. If we entered to go to the field, there may be different from things you're writing to the Internet and brochures. Of course, since there are nuisance case such as that had entered the mail folder, it might be better that you consult your agent if the reply does not come. In addition, after you have decided to enroll also will be able to smooth enrollment and if greeting and thank you. It is a trick that can be feeling good life at a language school also keep become friends with administrative staff.


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